Spike protection can be added to stab and bulletproof vests as a laminate coating, but it is important to make sure it adheres to proper testing. The threat levels for spike proof vests are: Knife Resistance Level 1 &. Spike Protection Level 1. Knife Resistance Level 2 &. Spike Protection Level 2. Energy Level. . A typical bulletproof vest weighs between 5 to 8 pounds. Lightweight armor can go to around 3 lbs but that is more expensive. A bulletproof vest is rated to a protection level out of 5, and at certain levels plates are needed. These plates can be an additional 8 pounds on their own, and are added as an extra weight to carry.. This level is often offered in vests, but also used in other ballistic protection—like a deployable shield built from Kevlar such as the PopShield. Level III. With the jump to the level III rating, armor is now able to handle small-caliber rifle rounds—like a 7.62mm bullet fired from an AK-47 or SKS rifle.

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